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CowDetect - a revolutionary tool for livestock

CowDetect startCowDetectCBM is a completely new method for detecting cow signals. The movement and position of the cows in the cowshed are observed using a technology similar to that used in Global Positioning Systems where data is registered, processed  and received on a hand terminal by the production manager.


At the same time the manager gets a modern tool for communication about the day's tasks and the cows condition.


No more yellow sticky notes or slips of paper that get lost - the data is supplied at the point where it is used. Right into the hands of the person who has too convert the observations to actions.

Everything take place in real time, and dat can be displayed on the hand terminal as the production manager does his rounds. 



From idea to reality


From idea 

to reality


Good ideas often originate with the person that needs a solution.


However, the ideas do not lead to a serial production very often, but in few cases they do.




Benefits in many ways

During the development phase leading researchers have indicated a possible additional profit of approx. EURO 335 per animal and per annum, if the production manager converts the signals to actions.





We are pleased to answer your questions.   Also questions for the farmers using CowDetect are welcome.




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